Dirty Swimming Pool?

Dirty Swimming Pool

Dirty Swimming Pool Issues?

There are approximately 15 to 20 disease outbreaks each year that are due to dirty pools; including stomach bugs and diarrhea, Giardia, E. coli, cryptosporidium (crypto) parasites, gastroenteritis and ear, eye, skin and chest infections.  These are all issues of a dirty swimming pool.

  • Your pool water should be clear, you should be able to see all the way to the bottom. If you cannot, your pool may have a high algae content and may be unsafe for swimming.
  • If there is a very strong ‘pool smell’ to your pool, it actually means that it is unclean. That strong chlorine smell does not mean it is clean it can actually mean the exact opposite and it is activating the chlorine response.
  • If the swimming pool’s walls are slimy, there may be a high concentration of germs.

Simple precautions can keep pools clean. These include showering before and after swimming and not swimming if you’ve had diarrhea. Also, avoid swallowing pool water.

Get further advice about swimming pool hygiene from pool chemical suppliers or pool maintenance companies, public swimming pool staff, or your local council. 

To make sure that your pool is extra hygienic, sparkling clean and ready to go for your next swimming season, have your swimming pool high pressure cleaned.

High Pressure Cleaning removes all of the build up, algae and germs, helping to keep your family and friends safe and well. 

So, you have decided to have your pool high pressure cleaned?

  • Only plaster, concrete or exposed aggregate pools are strong enough to withstand high pressure cleaning.
  • Your pool will need to be drained. 

Your pool and surrounding areas can be cleaned with high pressure cleaning, leaving you with a beautiful, hygienic area for summer fun and relaxing.

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