2 Things to Know About Pressure Washing a House

2 Things to Know About Pressure Washing a House

We’re sure no one likes the sight of a dirty home. But we also understand there’s no way to stop dirt from accumulating as the years pass, and we’re well aware there’s no magical way to instantly get rid of dirt, mildew, grime, and soot from your home’s exterior. But that’s why pressure washing or high-pressure cleaning was invented!

It’s a very efficient way to get rid of the dirt cloaking your home’s exterior, regardless of whether the house is made of steel, aluminum, stucco, brick, or wood. Plus, high-pressure washing is an excellent way to prepare your house for a paintjob.See a few tips on how to pressure wash your home below!

Don’t Be Too Aggressive

Pressure washing your house is not the simplest of things to do; it does require some skill. Don’t be too aggressive when you blast water over your home’s exterior because you can scrape off the paint or harm sliding.

Unless you’re a professional, we don’t recommend pressure washing for hardboard, rock-dash stucco, and bottle-dash. We say this because such materials can all be damaged by it.

Physical Labor Might be Necessary

As effective as pressure or high-pressure washing is, you might need to employ physical labor. This is more likely if it’s been a long time since the last time you pressure washed your house. You’ll need to apply serious scrubbing and then use a pressure washer to finish it off.

Finally, always remember to follow all safety measures or protocols when pressure washing your house. This is especially true if your home is higher than one story.


With that being said, we advise you to hire a professional because they understand the safety rules more than you do and are more familiar with using a pressure washer. You’re better off securing the services of a professional company like High Pressure Cleaning Specialist.

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