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High Reach Cleaning

Our High Pressure High Reach Cleaning Services provide a much needed external cleaning service for both domestic and commercial customers.

Melbourne’s High Pressure Cleaning Specialists Provide The Highest Quality Of High Pressure Cleaning Services, For Even The Highest, Hard To Reach Surfaces.

We service Melbourne, and Melbourne’s Regional areas, and we take pride in our friendly professional service and very reasonable rates for ongoing regular cleaning & contract cleaning.

We perform all of our cleaning services to the highest standard, resulting in a professional clean every time.

Our High Pressure Cleaning Service is 100% Chemical Free

We care for your property and the planet. We make sure that our services are carried out without the use of harmful chemicals. To ensure our services are truly 100% chemical free, we use high pressure cold water, after steaming the areas to loosen the grime and dirt. To be consistent with our environmentally-friendly policies; we recycle the water that we use, using our own water recycling unit, if we deem it appropriate. Industrial high pressure cleaning is the safe way to clean; due to no chemicals or toxins being used.

Leaving you with a beautiful, like-new, hygienic clean, that will also eliminate any slippery moss from roofs, steps and driveways; so effective, it can even remove unsightly graffiti.

High pressure cleaning is far more efficient than other methods of cleaning, and does not use an excessive amount of water, leaving you with far superior results whilst being clean and efficient not harming the environment or polluting our waterways.

High pressure cleaning is called for in any situation involving hard or rough surfaces that require cleaning. Concrete driveways, brick walls, stone fences, even ceramic plant pots can benefit from a good treatment of high-pressure cleaning.

High Pressure Cleaning is especially useful in hard-to-reach spots such as ornate ironwork, brickwork or masonry, and is less likely to damage the surface than a steel brush and harsh detergents.

Our High Pressure Cleaning Specialists have the expertise to have your home or building beautiful and clean.

Call for a Quote on: 0408 779 189 or email highpressure780@gmail.com.