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High Pressure Cleaning For Schools, Universities & Businesses

Schools and the students and staff of your school is of priority to keep your premises hygienically clean; eliminating germs, grime, mould, slippery moss, and other unwanted substances.

  • Concrete & Natural Stone Cleans
  • External Building Washdowns
  • Sealing of Concrete and Natural Stone
  • Remove Grafitti



With our High Pressure Cleaning Services,

Ugly Concrete Is A Bad Look For Schools.

We can even remove unsightly graffiti and stains with ease, leaving you with a beautiful, like-new, hygienic clean.

We will also eliminate any slippery moss, or other substances, from any steps and concrete; avoiding any nasty falls.

Melbourne’s High Pressure Cleaning Specialists

Get The Highest Quality Of High Pressure Cleaning Services For Your School, Education Facilities Or Businesses Premises



We service Melbourne and Melbourne’s Regional areas.

We Perform All Of Our Cleaning Services To The Highest Standard

Our High Cleaning Standards, both in Hygiene & Efficiency, results in a thorough, transformational clean every time. Our priority is in keeping our clients happy & their premises sparkly clean with that fresh new look!

Our High pressure cleaning is far more efficient than other methods of cleaning, and does not use an excessive amount of water, leaving you with far superior results whilst being clean and efficient not harming the environment or polluting our waterways.



Impressive High Pressure Concrete Cleaning

For the sake of the students and staff a washdown of your buildings and concrete clean can keep your premises hygienically clean, free from germs, grime and slippery moss and mould. This also benefits the appearance of the areas as they look new again.

So get that “New Look” for your premises with an impressive concrete or external building wash down from HPCS Melbourne Today!

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