3 Tips for Washing Your Siding

3 Tips for Washing Your Siding

Climb up the ladder and inspect your roof, then tell us what you see. Mold and mildew, right? Now, climb back down and walk around your house and tell us if you think it’s time for a new paintjob; what about all the dirt coating the current paint?

High-pressure cleaning is your easiest method to get rid of dirt, debris, mold, and mildew in both these instances.

When it comes to any siding products like brick, metal, vinyl, and a sturdy board, we assure you that pressure washing is your best option if handled by professionals.

With that being said, you can still damage your siding if you do something wrong. Again, we reiterate why it would be best to secure a professional high-pressure cleaning company’s services. Professionals know when to use both low-pressure and high-pressure cleaning.

All the same, it won’t be amiss for you to know a few rules about pressure washing, and we listed out a few below!

Always Inspect

Ensure you’ve inspected every area of your home’s siding to ascertain if it suffers from any flaws. It’s natural for some parts to have more sunlight while other parts stay damp for a much longer time. And look around the doors and windows too to make sure all the seals are tight. 

Remember to Safeguard All Plans and Any Delicates

Ensure you safeguard all your plants using drop cloths or plastic bags; the same applies o your light fixtures and delicate items. If there are lawn items and furniture, you need to move them away from the work area. And if any pets are lingering around, get them to safety. 

You Need More Than Just Water

Remember that cleaning a siding entails a mixture of water and cleaning agents. That is what’s sprayed onto the siding, and it’s why we recommend you secure the services of professionals to do the deed. You call a professional like High Pressure Cleaning Specialist, an exceptional high-pressure cleaning company in Melbourne!


From the inner city suburbs to the northern, eastern, southeastern, and western suburbs, no area is too far for our high-pressure washers!

We offer unmatched high-pressure cleaning services like driveway cleaning and sealing; we offer services that clean shopping centers, schools, and other buildings or structures. And if you have a swimming pool, a tennis court, or driveway that needs cleaning, High Pressure Cleaning Specialist are more than ready to handle it!

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