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Melbourne’s Swimming Pool High Pressure Cleaning & Sealing Specialists

Has your swimming pool been neglected over winter?

Does your Swimming Pool look tired, worn or dated?

Are you looking to raise the value of your home?

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    After-High Pressure Cleaning
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High Pressure Cleaning is an easy and economical way to bring your Swimming Pool back to ‘new’ again. Pressure wash your concrete pool and save yourself time and hassle, leaving your pool looking and feeling brand new.

Remove Dirt, Grime, Bacteria, Fungus, Moss, Mould & Algae from your Swimming Pool and Surrounding Areas with our High Pressure Clean.

Using no harmful toxic residues, high pressure cleaning is safe for your garden, family and pets.

High Pressure Cleaning is so effective, removing grease, dirt, grime, bacteria, fungus, moss, mould, algae and even unsightly graffiti.

Leaving your Swimming Pool more hygienic and sparkling clean.

100% Chemical Free High Pressure Concrete Cleaning

We can proudly say that our high pressure cleaning process is totally environment friendly, as we only use cold water or steam. Our processes are 100% chemical free. Instead of using toxic substances, we use the pressure of water to remove the dust from any surface, we also use a water recycling unit to get the most use of the water resources in your factory and/or workshop.

For affordable options, with brilliant results that save you time and effort, whilst leaving your Swimming Pool looking fresh and new, call us, Melbourne’s High Pressure Swimming Pool Cleaning Specialists.

Call The High Pressure Cleaning Specialist on 0408 779 189

or email highpressure780@gmail.com

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